OUR MISSION: to create a strong and supportive platform to enhance gender equity and diversity within the animal protection movement by empowering and elevating women and non-binary people in the movement.


  • Leadership: paving a path forward for women and non-binary people in animal protection
  • Community: building a strong network of support to enhance the presence of women and non-binary people in the movement
  • Equality: establishing a culture where women and non-binary people are given the same consideration and opportunity as men
  • Diversity: fostering a more inclusive movement
  • Respect: cultivating an atmosphere of trust and treating others with kindness and dignity
  • Progress: holding ourselves accountable for achieving our goals.
  • Compassion: extending our values of respect and equality to all animals


  • Training webinars and workshops
  • Annual conference
  • Resource page
  • Legal defense fund
  • Travel support to other conferences
  • Organization grants

A huge thank you to our sponsors of the 2018 GEAR Leadership Conference!